Donnie Pfaster Series

The Yearning
Summary: Maybe he unleashed something that he couldn’t control. Maybe he *thought* he was opening the door of perception, but then, unwittingly, he opened the gates of Hell…sequel to Donnie Pfaster — Profile of a Fetishist.
Rating: R

Summary: “The hooker was just convenient.” But, who was she?
Rating: R

Donnie Pfaster — Profile of a Fetishist
Summary: “What fuels his need? It’s as if it’s not enough that they’re dead. He has to defile them. There’s a deeper psychosis at work here. And anger toward women, possibly his mother. This kind of killer isn’t made overnight. He’s been fueling this fetish for years.”
Rating: R

Summary: “I’m still cowering in that closet, Mulder. Still grasping for objects in the dark.”
Rating: NC-17