Other Stories

Other Stories

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Scully needs to leave; Mulder doesn’t want her to go. A Christmas story based on the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”
Rating: PG

Cloud Watching
Summary: Mulder is upset by the prospect of losing Scully to her cancer.
Rating: PG

A Deeper Love
Summary: A change of heart that’s been a long time coming.
Rating: PG

Eternity In Your Arms
This is an alternate reality of my “This Mortal Coil” universe. What if Scully had left after their first night together since Mulder’s making, rather than staying and being taken by Julian?
Rated: R

Believe The Truth’s Brevity Challenges

Brevity 1
Brevity 2

At first glance, the two-story, red brick house was almost the exact replica of Scully’s dream home.
Rating: R for violence

Summary: Badfic!
Rating: PG

Deceit, Unimaginable
Summary:After five years of partnership, Mulder learns of Scully’s unexpected betrayal.
Rating: PG

Once, In Dog Years
Summary: Post-Closure, Mulder thinks back on past guilt and considers when to tell Scully his ultimate truth.
Rating: PG

Summary: While investigating a case in Southern Indiana, Mulder and Scully are brought together under unusual circumstances.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: After the events in Chaney, Mulder and Scully re-evaluate their partnership.
Rating: PG-13

Never a Good Sign
A warped and (unfortunately) sometimes realistic take on first-time smut. Humor.
Rating: R