Three For One

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Three For One
by Piper Sargasso

Rating: NC-17, Baby, yeah!

Keywords: MSR, PWP (whee!)

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Classification: S, R

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Summary: Scully gets a little frisky during a trip to New Orleans.

Author’s Notes: This is a punishment fic originally posted at IWTB.
In addition to serving my penance, I also decided to answer
a challenge issued by Shelba and Logan – two of my listmates.
Challenge elements appear at the end.

Special thanks to Sallie for the incredibly fast beta. I’ve never
known such a thoughtful and generous soul.

Three for One

”What’s that?” the blonde coed asked, pulling the microphone
away as she leaned an ear toward Mulder’s mouth.

“Her *birthday*,” he repeated.

The blonde nodded and straightened up, facing the audience
with a huge grin. “Okay, everybody!” she exclaimed with a thick
southern accent, “Looks like we have a birthday girl in the house!”
She hooked one pink-tipped finger in a come-hither gesture
and winked at a very inebriated Scully.

“No, Mulder,” she protested weakly, but with a smile and an
exaggerated nod, he gave her a gentle push toward the stage.
It was her birthday, and damn it, she was going to have fun. He’d
already taken her to The Absinthe House, where she’d whole-
heartedly indulged in two of their house specialties – the Absinthe
Frappe. Next, it was some Irish pub that he couldn’t remember
the name of to save his soul – three Killian’s there. Finally, they’d
ended up at the Famous Door. The raucous energy and
charismatic staff had earned two new customers for the duration
of the night. Scully wouldn’t budge.

Gracelessly stumbling toward the stage, Scully climbed the stairs
with a little help from the tall blonde, flashing a wide strip of the
creamy flesh of her back in the process. Mulder took in her
appearance as he watched from his table. She was dressed
casually, in a pair of snug jeans that flared slightly at the bottoms
and a black cotton, V-neck shirt. By no means did she look like a
teenager, but her ensemble was youthful. It looked great on her.
All through the early evening, she had tugged on the hem of the
shirt, modestly trying to lengthen it. By about 10:00 PM, she’d given
up on it, too drunk to care, and treating Mulder with an eyeful of
pale skin above the wide, black belt every time she raised her arms.
Just a flash, but enough to make him crazy.

One of the waitresses serving a tray full of tooters, a shot served in
a test tube, sashayed onto the stage. She was pretty, close to
Scully’s height, with dark hair and eyes and plump, red lips. The
blonde said something to Scully, nodding at her response and
turned back to the crowded bar. “Everybody, this is Dana! She just
told me this is her first time in the Big Easy, so we’re going to give
her a proper New Orleans welcome, whaddya say?”

Whoops and hollers erupted from the rambunctious crowd. The
waitress on stage placed one tooter in the waistband of her
tight, black pants and one between her half-exposed breasts,
pushing herself forward as an offering to Scully. Scully’s eyes
widened momentarily, to be quickly replaced with a wicked grin
Mulder had never seen outside the bedroom. What was she up to?

In a small huddle, the three conspired – God only knew what, then
the blonde turned to speak to the crowd over the loud music.
“Looks like the birthday girl’s a little nervous,” she grinned
widely. “She says she’ll take the shot only if Amber goes too.
S’that alright with you guys?” Her enthusiastic call was answered
with even more enthusiastic shouts of glee, mainly from the male

Mulder, however, remained silent. Shocked beyond belief and
more than a little excited, he sat there with his mouth hanging

Scully giggled behind her hand before her features went serious
in concentration. Pulling her hair back to the side, she offered an
unobstructed view of her luscious, full lips slowly wrapping
themselves around the tube at the waitresses belly before sliding
it out of the waistband and throwing her head back. Smiling
around the tube she held between her teeth, she turned to her
audience in victory.

After doing a quick little dance to the music, she handed the
empty tube to the waitress. Amber then placed it in the tray and
slipped the tooter she held in her cleavage into Scully’s shirt.
Trapping the red concoction between two, pert breasts, Scully
pushed her chest forward in a wanton imitation of the other
woman, dropping her eyes seductively as she waited for Amber to
take her turn. As she did, Scully tilted her head back for better
access and placed a shaky hand on Amber’s arm, which was lying
lightly on Scully’s hip.

It was one of the most erotic things Mulder had ever seen, the
sight of his partner enjoying the touch of another woman. He
gripped the edge of the cocktail table and watched with darkened
eyes as the waitress placed a fresh tube between her breasts. She
stroked Scully’s hair while she curved her sweet lips around it
and tossed her head back again, taking the drink like a pro.
Mulder’s jeans tightened a bit more at the sight of the tube
pushed a little further than necessary into Scully’s mouth. If he
didn’t know any better, he would’ve thought that was intentional.

The final straw came when Amber ran a new tube up his
partner’s stomach slowly, then backtracked to stick it into the
waist of her jeans. She pushed Scully’s shirt up slightly and took her
time getting a grip on the glass. Scully’s back arched and her eyes
closed completely. She was trembling slightly against the
sensation of another woman’s soft hair tickling the bare flesh of
her belly; gasping at the exhalation of breath hitting warmly on
her skin as the tube was carefully extracted and downed.

Once they were finished, the blonde called for a round of
applause, and even hinted at a possible encore as Mulder
impatiently dragged Scully toward the open door.

He never saw the exchange between the three women as he
and Scully exited the bar.


Walking briskly through crowded Bourbon Street, they passed the
shop where Mulder had bought a voodoo doll because it bore a
slight resemblance to Alex Krycek. It was crudely dressed in a
fireman’s uniform, though Scully didn’t even want to ponder the
reasoning behind that. They also breezed by the gift shop where
Scully had insisted on grabbing up a couple magnets and a jazz CD
that same afternoon. These places were little more than a blur as
Mulder navigated through the sea of masked, beaded and feather-
boa’d tourists. Somewhere in the back of her alcohol-addled mind,
Scully recalled promising herself a blue boa of her
own as a flippant indulgence before they left town.

Without warning, Mulder pulled her into a small space between
two buildings.

“Jesus, Scully,” he rasped out, pressing her to the wall with his
body. “Were you trying to make me crazy back there?”

“Maybe,” she answered and gasped as his teeth caught hold of her
earlobe. His hot breath in her ear snaked a warm trail down her body
that pooled in her lower belly, her face white-hot and tingly from the
sensation. He lowered his nibbling kiss to her neck. “Mmm, Mulderrr,”
she moaned. The sound vibrated from her throat, into his mouth.
He lifted her leg up with one hand, pressing his hardened cock
desperately against her center. Both shivered from the contact.
Suddenly, she wasn’t feeling as much of the affects of the drinks
she’d consumed. He was burning the alcohol right out of her.

It was with sheer willpower Scully was able to push Mulder away.
At his hurt and confused look, she mumbled, “Hotel,” and pulled
him by the wrist, back out into the crowd. Thank God the hotel
was only a block away, she thought.


“You’re in big trouble, Baby,” Mulder said, backing her up
against the bed with a predatory grin as he jerked his shirt over
his head. Scully bit her lip, hitting the backs of her knees on
the edge of the mattress.

“You promise?” she said. Lowering herself, she spread out on the
coverlet and stretched on her side like a cat, arching her back
as she purred.

“Oh-ho!” Mulder half-laughed, “You are so gonna get it.” He leapt
on the bed, causing Scully to squeal with delight. They
accidentally rolled over the remote, startling themselves as
dialogue from ‘Quantum Leap’ boomed from the television. Mulder
quickly snapped the set off and went back to work. He licked and
nipped at her throat, hastily pulling her shirt and bra off to rub the
tight peaks of her nipples against the tickling coarseness of his chest
hair. She shuddered, pulling his head down to suckle at her breasts.

Flicking his tongue at each before latching his mouth onto them,
he teased her mercilessly, blowing on the puckered, wet skin at
intervals to make her squirm beneath him. He pulled back long
enough to shimmy her jeans and panties down her legs and tossed
them over the edge of the bed.

Scully rose to her knees and pushed him backward, catching him
off-guard. “I think you’re the one who’s in trouble, Mulder,” she
said breathlessly. She slowly unzipped his jeans, purposely
grazing her knuckles over his erection as she did so. Once his
pants and boxers were off, she settled down on top of Mulder’s
lap. He shifted in impatience. Trapping his cock between his
stomach and her folds, she tortured him with slow, grinding
movements as she licked and bit at his bottom lip.

“What’s the matter, Mulder?” she asked wickedly. “Aren’t you-”
grind, “comfortable?”

“Better stop that,” he warned.

She pushed against him once more, “Why? What are you going to do
about it?”

“This,” he replied and quickly flipped her onto her back.
“Teasing isn’t nice, Scully. I think you need to be taught a
lesson.” With that, he brought his hand to tease at her coppery
mound of hair while suckling and nibbling her nipples. Scully
arched helplessly against his hand, but he always kept out of
reach. It was killing her, this lack of real contact, very much
like the wings of a butterfly beating softly against her. It did
nothing to soothe the ache, only
serving to intensify the throbbing.

Finally, he stopped. As Scully whimpered in protest, he scooped
her up off the bed and deposited her on top of the
dresser. Hooking his arms under each knee, he tilted her slightly
and pressed at her opening. “Do you know how close I came to
ravaging you on the street tonight, Baby?” Scully’s eyes went
wide, but she shook her head. “That was a very naughty thing you did up
on that stage.” He slowly pushed his way inside her. “But you
know that, don’t you?” His voice cracked.

“Yesss,” she replied. Tossing her head back, she arched into his
body and waited for him to move.

“How did it feel? Did you like the way her soft hands felt on
your body?” She shivered in response and he pulled out slightly,
then thrust back into her roughly, causing her to gasp in
surprise. “Did you enjoy the feel of her hair against your skin?”
He pulled out again, then thrust forward when she didn’t reply.

She sucked in a breath, “Oh, God!”

Mulder shook his head and repeated the action. “That doesn’t
answer my question, Agent Scully. Care to try again?” He buried
his face into her sweaty neck, barely able to retain the power of
speech. She was so wet, so perfectly snug around him. It was all
he could do to keep from pumping into her like a madman. But his
insatiable curiosity kept the impulse at bay. He had to know this
more exotic side of her.

In an unconvincing display of defiance, Scully
straightened and answered, “It was alright.”

“Hmm… Didn’t look just ‘alright’ to me. It looked like you took
pleasure in touching that waitress – and having her touch you.”
He pushed into her, delighting in the soft moans as he
rhythmically thrust in and out. Scully knocked over the
complimentary gift basket containing a dozen apples, a tub of
caramel dip, a faux pearl-handled knife and some cinnamon-scented
votive candles. They clattered to the floor, forgotten.

“Do you want to do it again, Baby?” he prodded. Scully wrapped
her legs around his waist, grabbing onto the edge of the dresser
for dear life. “Does it feel dangerous to you? Is that what you
like? I bet you do. I bet you
love to play the bad girl, don’t you?”

Scully bit her lip, fighting the waves of pleasure that washed
over her, black and crimson behind her eyelids. Her legs, slick
with perspiration, slid up and down Mulder’s back, desperate to
cling to something solid.

With supreme effort, Mulder continued. “Answer me, Scully. Do you
want to do it again?”

She couldn’t let herself answer that – could she? But this was
just too good, too damn incredible to do anything that might make
him stop. She thought about the brunette and the soft texture of
her hair and skin, the fruity perfume she wore, mingling with the
smoke and alcohol in the bar. She remembered the feeling of freedom up
on that stage, a heady concoction of both fear and adrenaline
that somehow combined to make her feel almost like she was
flying. She was liberated from the strict hold she normally
inflicted upon herself; shaking from the excitement of having
another woman’s body so close to her as it shared her personal
space. It felt dangerous and decidedly wicked, the arousal it

“Yes,” she whispered. The sound was barely audible.

“Say it louder,” he demanded between thrusts.

“Yesss!” she clenched around him, tossing her head back against
the mirror in pure rapture, while Mulder grunted his release into
her sweaty neck.

Breathing heavily against each other, they leaned limply against
the dresser and each other as the warm Louisiana breeze drifted
over them from the open sliding glass door. Below their balcony,
Bourbon Street languidly shifted in a mass of bodies, searching
for the next amusement.

~ The End ~

~ Challenge Elements ~

1) A Voodoo doll
2) A cinnamon-scented votive candle
3) A show with Scott Bakula in it
4) A doll dressed as a fireman the vaguely reminds someone of
Krycek or Doggett
5) A blue feather boa
6) An apple and a tub of caramel dip, together