This Mortal Coil – Chapter 7

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This Mortal Coil
Chapter 7
by Piper Sargasso

Rating: NC-17

Keywords: MSR, AU of sorts

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Recognizable characters within belong to 1013
productions. No infringement intended.

Summary: “What does this mean?” “It’s exactly what it
looks like, Scully. This is why I don’t want you to find
me.” “A vampire,” I whispered, stunned and disbelieving.


Warmth surrounded me.

Strange, that I’d been a vampire for such a short time, and yet the
presence of warmth was already as foreign and welcome as sunlight.
It seemed a forbidden thing, too wonderful and too pure for our

The source of that warmth, all soft curves and gentle breathing,
smiled down at me. “Good morning,” she said with a twist of her

I smiled back and pulled her under the covers with me until we both
lay down, facing each other. “Good morning.” The drapes were
pulled back, silvery moonlight spilling into the room.

She leaned in to press a gentle kiss on my lips. “What was that for?”
I teased.

“I feel wonderful today,” she said in response. “I think I might even
be able to walk around the house. Claudius said he wouldn’t mind,
and I feel like my muscles have turned to jelly.”

I couldn’t describe the relief I felt. Instead, I returned her kiss with a
little more fire than she expected, I think. She gasped in surprise
against my mouth, then melded her body against mine. God, how
natural it felt. She got bolder, letting her hands explore my arms, my
torso, my thighs. Her touch wandered to the front of my pants and
pulled back suddenly with wide eyes.

“Is it…always like that?”

I laughed and explained that, yes, like all my muscles now, “it” is
always hard. She seemed fascinated. I was beyond amused.

Amusement turned to arousal in an instant when she wrapped her
hand around said muscle. “God, Scully.” She climbed on top of me,
kissing me, her caresses alternating from shy to sure, but always

“I need you,” she said. I captured her mouth with my own,
exploring, tasting. We rolled over together, leaving me on top. I
pulled away from the kiss to look at her. She was so beautiful. Her
breath caught in a stuttered rhythm and I imagined what I must look
like to her — my eyes dragging over her face, glowing, at once
hungry and enchanted.

She wrapped trembling legs around my waist; I smoothed a hand
over her hot, flushed cheek. “Will you…?” She broke off, seeming
unsure of how to put the question. In the end, she pulled the front of
her nightgown down and bared her neck to me. “Please,” she
whispered, and pulled my head down to the exposed skin.

I was lightheaded, dizzy from the pure want I felt. But she couldn’t
stand another large blood loss so soon; it would put her back in the
hospital. I decided on a compromise. I kissed her neck and she
gasped from the contact. “Not yet,” I whispered against her skin, and
continued kissing across to her throat and the tops of her breasts,
stopping only long enough to pull her panties and nightgown off.

We made slow love for what felt like forever. Never had I
experienced anything so sweet and pure; until that moment, I didn’t
think such a thing was possible. But it was, for us.

As she neared climax, I nipped at her neck. Her nails scratched at
mine, bringing me closer to her delicate skin in a desperate, silent
plea. I sank my teeth into her while we met one another’s thrusts and
she cried out, arching against me violently. The world swam in
unadulterated ecstasy, narrowing the universe down to just her and
me and the almost painful pleasure we fed off each other. It was

It tapered off, leaving us breathless and clinging to one another.

“I love you, Mulder,” she said with aching sweetness against my
neck. “Always.” She burrowed her face between my shoulder and
neck. A tear fell down my face, unnoticed by her. For the second
time, I proved vampires could cry.

We lay there, content to do nothing more than absorb each other for
as long as possible. Neither of us spoke — what was there to say? I
felt like my heart would explode from happiness. There is no feeling
in the world that can compare to the fluttering ecstasy one feels
when he finds out the only person he wants to spend the rest of his
time with feels the same.

The rest of *my* time was considerable. I refused to think about what
that meant for Scully and I. Not now, when it was so easy to pretend
eternity with her was possible. I traced invisible lines on her face.
She closed her eyes against the fluttering of my fingers, a small
smile playing across her lips. We kissed, slow and lazy, as if we had
all the time in the world. Her heart raced and I was painfully
reminded of the small amount of blood I had just taken in, like a
tease for a starving man.

I pulled back. She looked hurt. “What’s wrong?”

“Scully” was swimming in a vision of arteries and pulsing blood, the
rhythm of a heartbeat. My veins ached for her; my teeth tingled for
her throat. I needed more, and she couldn’t give it. “I have to go,” I
said, and left the warmth of our bed. “I’m sorry.”

She frowned, but seemed to understand. “Hey,” she called out softly.
I turned from the window I planned to exit to look at her. “Come
back soon?”

I smiled. “I’ll never be gone long.” Satisfied, she smiled back and
settled against the pillows. When I jumped from the window, the
picture of her red hair splayed against the cream of the pillowcases
and the small smile on her face went with me.

Nothing could ever hurt us again, I decided, as long as we stuck


I found Claudius on the veranda near Scully’s window speaking to
one of his house staff — all mortals who keep to their own business
despite the oddness of their employer and his guests. “Mulder,” he
nodded in greeting. “Thank you, Jasmine. That will be all.” The
dismissed woman left without comment, leaving us alone. “Off to
feed?” Claudius asked. I nodded. I wanted this to be a quick trip out
and get back to Scully as soon as possible.

Claudius joined me. We visited a crack house not far from his home,
and fed on the drugged and disillusioned until we were stuffed.
Death would’ve been kinder, I thought as I let the last dazed body
drop to the filthy mattress I found him on. *Lost souls*. I pushed the
strange thought away and sought out Claudius.

I found him in another part of the house, embracing a small woman
with such poise, such grace as he drank from her. I was reminded of
the beauty and grace Julian possessed, and was almost jealous. My
new body still felt a little awkward, like putting on someone else’s
skin. This is what a vampire should be, I thought as I watched.

When he was finished, we left the dirty, condemned building with
its dirty, condemned inhabitants. The foyer in Claudius’ home never
looked brighter or more welcoming. I started toward the steps when
Claudius put out an arm to stop me.

“Wait. Something is not right.”

I stood dead still and listened. A heartbeat, and it was growing
slower by the second. It filled me with a horrible sense of deja vu.
We sprinted up the stairs, knowing that it was Scully’s heartbeat
once again. Horrified that I couldn’t hear it anymore.

Claudius broke in the door to her sitting room just as it started —
the *thrum*. “God, no,” he said, and I knew. Before we even made it
into her room and saw Liliana’s blood pouring down Scully’s throat, I
knew. She was receiving the Blood. She was being changed.

A howl tore from my lungs and I leapt for Liliana. Claudius got
there first. He struck her, leaving four deep scratch marks on her
perfect face, and drove her out of the window. The *open* window.
My God. What had I been thinking? His own body followed
Liliana’s and I was left alone with Scully.

She lay still as death. This was worse than deja vu; this was a

“Scully?” I nudged her, knowing she wouldn’t move. The horrible
thrumming grew quieter. Helplessness overcame me, and I lifted her
limp upper body into an embrace. “I never wanted this for you,” I
whispered into her hair.

Claudius cleared his throat. “Liliana is gone.” He stepped over to the
bedside. “Mulder, you must make a decision. If you finish the
Transformation, she will live but as a vampire. If you choose to let
her go — she may die. That would be preferable to the possibility that
she might become a Halfling. The choice is yours.”

Would an interruption in the Transformation for the second time be
too much for her body? Could she die? I’d do anything to prevent
her from becoming one of the creatures Maeve spoke of. But could I
let her die?

*I love you, Mulder*.

No, I couldn’t let her die. Wiping away tears, I looked to Claudius
for help. He nodded. “You must do it quickly, while there is time.”

I needed nothing more for encouragement. I ripped open the artery
in my wrist and brought it to her white lips, urging the Blood to pour
in faster. She latched onto the gash like a newborn, suckling deeply,
and the thrumming filled my ears once again. It was sweet music. I
couldn’t bring myself to think of consequences, not while I was
surrounded in a cocoon of red, pleasure wrapping around me as I
gave and she took. Nothing in the world could be better than this, I
imagined, than me giving life to her.

When I became too weak, I pulled away, severing our connection.
She sat up on the bed, invigorated and full of life. Her eyes burned a
steady blue, and her skin already took on a vampire’s pale
perfection. She never looked more beautiful to me, this living
breathing creature.

She was one of us now. And damned

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